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RONOTIC is a pioneer of solar / LED lighting systems with headquarters in Bretten, Baden. We get fast, cheap and lots of light anywhere.
Solar street lighting, path lighting, ultra mobile solar / LED lighting systems, LED camping lanterns with solar technology and many other environmentally friendly outdoor lighting innovations.
In addition to solar lights for municipalities and companies, we also offer advanced solar lanterns for retail lighting yard, garden and terrace.
RONOTIC-MOBILE LIGHT (RML) is called the future of solar illumination of our cities
RML8.18 - economically, ecologically and much more!
Our vision of the perfect solar / LED lighting system, we come closer to our new solar lamp RML8.18 with integrated LED light source and an important piece Enrgiespeicher. The impressive solar lighting & power concentrated in a futuristic shape and all the arrogant and weighs only 5.5 kg breaking all previous records.
With this new all-in-one solar lantern, we indicate the direction of future lighting solution for streets, roads, business areas and the lighting of gardens and terraces.
This compact lighting system RML8.18 is the most environmentally friendly, economical, and thus the most significant innovation since the invention of the light bulb.
The 8 watt Bridgelux® LED bring considerable light output and the integrated solar panel provide boasting more than 18 watts that the new special energy storage unit, which is also used in the latest electric cars in with 12 Ah 12.8V of only 6 hours is fully charged. Of course, a light sensor controls the lighting time of the plant, which, however, if required, at any time manually, and can be switched off.
IP65 certified RML8.18 provides protection against dust and water jets from any direction. The operating temperature of -30 °C to +70 °C is also impressive, and makes them over many years, not only for our latitudes absolutely weather suitability.
Discover today the new lighting scheme and benefit from the many advantages of an LED illuminated compact solar lantern.
We wish you much fun on your journey of discovery!
RONOTIC - Solar Citylights